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Hello we are Disha and Mel! We were talking about social issues and exchanging some useful links and decided to make this small carrd in case it could help others! :)

Continue reading this carrd to educate yourself about what’s happening around you.



Being selfless is all wonderful, but look after yourself first! We have provided a few notes on mental health and some links where you can get resources! You can skip this and go to page 2, but take a look at these websites and share them if you can!

Resources on finding out more about mental health can be found here

~ available 24/7, can call from anywhere, totally free, supervised by professionals.


A suicide prevention chatline. It’s totally anonymous and completely free.

Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts can make our lives a living hell. If you’re struggling, we urge you to get help. You’re strong, we see it, but a shoulder to lean on could be helpful. We love you!


Before getting involved in a campaign, it’s important to learn about it first! We found a post below that you can start with about gender inequality,
Ten Ways You Can Help Fight Gender Inequality

Next up, petitions! Some might think this is a waste of time and not really doing anything, but please look into the details of pages like change.org before deciding your opinion. There have been many solutions because of such forums, and I urge you to sign all the necessary ones. You can start right now by taking a look at these petitions.
~ Take a Stand Against Forced Marriages
~ LGBTQ Rights in India
~ Fight against Hijab Ban in France
~ End Tampon Tax
~ Save the Sikh Farmers
~ Protect the Amazon
~ Demand Action on Climate Change


A topic that isn’t spoken about enough is that marital rape still isn’t considered a crime in a few countries like India, Singapore, Oman, Ghana and more. when your partner says no it means no and being legally bonded to a person will never change that.

A married person has the same rights their own body as does an unmarried person. Rape is rape, no matter what. One in three men have admitted to raping their wives and one indian women is raped every second. This isn't okay and a change needs to come.

Opposition Against Marital Rape
The Impunity of Marital Rape
Marital Rape in India and it's Statistics


We know what it is, we know the causes, we know the solutions. All of us also know we can't win a battle if we are fighting alone.

So in this section, I'm not going to mention what exactly climate change is but what's at stake if we don't act now.

The 1.5 degrees C Plan And How That's Not Working Out
It was decided that reducing the global warming rates down to ideally 1.5 degrees celsius would help in a lot of ways against the crisis. This goal can be failed to meet in the next five years.
2020 Northern Hemisphere land and ocean surface temperature was the highest in the 141-year record at +1.28°C (+2.30°F) above average.
The plans are either too slow or in some cases, we're going in the wrong direction entirely.

What's gonna happen if this exceeds to 2 degrees celsius?
~ Sea level could reach to 1.8 feet by 2050, affecting billions.
~ Increase in flood rates by 170%.
~ 18% of insects, 16% of plants, and 8% of vertebrates will all lose their natural habitats.
~ When and if it reaches 2 degrees celsius, artic will go ice-free in one decade.

First step is to care! Create awareness, sign petitions, and do your part to reducing the carbon footprint.
1. Pledge to Cut Your Carbon Footprint
2. Tell Global Leaders to Cooperate on Fresh Water
3. Stop Wildlife Crime
These are just some of the important links you can check out! You can find the rest here


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